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Huzhou double Yang Muye wood co., LTD., is set research design, production, quality inspection and sales and service into an organic whole, the company is located in huzhou city, zhejiang province nanxun town temple pavilion bridge old village, 58 riverside road, the geographical position is superior, the transportation is convenient, adjacent to Shanghai, hangzhou. Founded over the years, has been sticking to ensure quality and thoughtful service, adhering to the pioneering and innovative and enterprising spirit, thus obtain a number of qualifications and honor, also passed the international quality management system certification.

Companies continuously upgrade processing technology, the introduction of foreign advanced equipment, the production technology and quality has reached the same industry leading level, for the control of the production, technology and equipment is the guarantee of double layer. Every process, we did careful, extreme, selected high-quality timber forest, strict control of raw materials from the library into the factory to the finished product production process. Double Yang Muye work product with dedicated, professional attitude, accurately grasp the pulse of market beating each time, dedicated to the lofty enterprise vision. Sales in major cities across the country, favored by the majority of consumers love and praise, no matter where, can freely choose double cypress, and enjoy the noble qualities of the unified and services. We have been accumulated resources, gathering talented person, enhance brand image, make the competitive enterprises.

公司不断升级加工工艺,引进国外先进的设备,其生产技术及质量已达行业较高水平,对于生产的控制,技术与设备是双层的保障。我们的每一道工艺,都做到了细心,优良的森林木材,严格把控对原材料从进厂到成品入库的生产全过程。 双杨木业用专注、专业的态度精雕细刻www.bob.com,准确把握市场跳动的每一次脉搏,致力于崇高的企业愿景。销售遍布各地各大城市,深受广大消费者的喜爱和赞誉,无论身在何处,都能随意选择双杨木作,并享受统一的尊贵品质和服务。我们一直积累资源,汇聚人才,提升品牌形象,打造成为具有竞争力的企业。


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